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Since the announcement of the ‘intelligent lockdown’ in The Netherlands, communication has been more than ever before about being transparent and to-the-point communication with the right tone-of-voice. Clearly formulated protocols and FAQs provide some guidance in these turbulent times. But besides sending information, it is even so important that commitment and understanding of all measures are on top of everybody’s mind.

During COVID-19 outbreak it is not possible to receive visitors for residents of care and nursing homes in The Netherlands. For some personal contact by video calls has been a nice solution so far, but being able to really see family and friends again is a great wish of many elderly. Placing special visiting booths is a solution that allows residents to receive visitors again. A wonderful initiative!

Employees from all locations were involved in a competition, to determine the name for the visit booth after which the branding was put in place and the local press informed.

The reactions of the team, residents, family and friends and local media are heartwarming.

The biggest compliment we can get!


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