As a boutique agency, The Branding Boutique, strategically selects the right route and combination of tools to activate and elevate your brand – locally and globally. We are the new strategic architects.


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Stand out to be successful

Being a boutique investment bank focused on small cap emerging growth companies in the competitive US market, means you have to stand out from your competitors to be successful. Based on strategic decisions where the brand should stand for and should be in a couple of years an identity was created based on the core values of the brand: research driven investments aimed at specific sectors. Through various campaigns for both the buy-side as the sell-side and adapting it in the annual conference we managed to create a unique and authentic brand. After introducing the revised brand still working together with NOBLE Capital Markets headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida on a daily bases being involved in strategic (marketing) decisions and making sure the values of the brand are rooted in all communication.


Strategy, interim marketing advisor, content planning, website design & content, social media channels, brand identity.