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Metals from slags

Burning waste results in combustion residue referred to as incinerator bottom ash (slags from incinerator waste). NRC Non-ferro Recovery Company specializes in the environmentally friendly recycling of these slags. NRC Non-ferro Recovery Company uses its own specially developed separation techniques to successfully extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals from waste residue for reuse. These separation systems use the latest technology to extract ferrous and non-ferrous metals from slags.

By using the brand key model we have mapped out the core of the different companies NRC, Aerinnova and VHB in a number of intensive sessions. The result has laid the foundation for a renewal of the brand identity but also for the strategy and market approach. Next to that, The Branding Boutique was responsible for the UX design, copy writing and coordinated the web design and web development of the new website.

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