Authenticity as an Art

How your brand is perceived is not just determined by the success or value of your product or service. How your brand grows is not simply reliant on marketing and development. Your brand is the result of your entire business and business is rarely a one man show. From each individual company member to the team as a whole, the success of your brand is defined by the experience your business delivers.

Whatever industry you are in, your employees are your biggest competitive advantage. The right people in the right positions, in a high performance culture with a shared passion for the company’s brand, values and philosophy make a difference.

I believe that branding begins internally. Bringing the team together to form a reputation, shared belief and winning philosophy is the starting point to deliver one clear defined brand externally. As an all-round business specialist with experience in marketing, sales and operations, I am dedicated to upgrading your company’s brand performance to the next level both in-house and within your market sectors based on a shared philosophy of improvement.

"Branding your business is about authenticity: if you embrace it, you can make it your own.”

Margreet van den Heuvel
Founder | Owner The Branding Boutique

Strategy & Approach
Are you delivering the experience you promise?

Business is all about people and people are all about branding. They form the foundation that dictates the strength of a brand. When people love their work, they are energized, they shine and go that extra mile drawing in others towards that energy.

Growing your brand is all about identifying the authentic values that the people in your company share and can operate from. Brand authenticity is about bridging the gaps between the internal and external factors such as management, employees, clients and suppliers. It verifies whether you are in fact delivering the experience you promise.

Authenticity & Alignment
Embrace your brand

With vast experience and a personal interest in organization development, change & improvement management and marketing, The Branding Boutique works together with companies to help them and their team improve both their internal and external branding. Acting as a practical, project-based (interim) advisor/consultant & sparring partner, we focus on company specific challenges and setting the processes in place to achieve them. We identify brand goals, envisage success and form clear ideas and strategies to put the brand authenticity in to practice.

A key factor in achieving authenticity is alignment. The practice of investing time and effort in internal and external processes and people to ensure there is a clear understanding of the brand purpose. It is the measure taken to enable all involved to act accordingly. And this begins with leadership and aligning with the brand from the top. Embracing the mission, vision, values and purpose of the brand and the fact that employees play a key role on a daily basis. Communicating a brand philosophy to the front line isn’t easy, but if employees don’t know the brand promise, how can they deliver it?

External Branding
Getting your brand out there

Every company’s own brand is unique and personal. A signature representing their business, values, beliefs and practices to their customers, competitors, suppliers and business relations. A confirmation to the world beyond the office walls of what they promise to deliver. A benchmark against which they will be measured. Ensuring a brand is delivered in the most appropriate and efficient manner, to the correct target market using the most effective channels and methods is key to the successful continuing growth and development of a company’s brand.

The Branding Boutique provides a full range of marketing services, solutions and strategies. From campaign building and management to marketing plans, text and design work, we are able to provide everything that is needed in relation to managing, growing and promoting a company’s external reputation. With advice, ideas and services tailored to each company’s specific needs, we can assist at every stage, working directly or with third parties as required. We ensure all the channels and resources are in place to provide optimal delivery of the brand promise.


Unifying Factor
Establishing Team Spirit, Identifying Strengths, Motivating

Empower Management
Balanced Leadership, Supportive, Cultivator, Energizer

Gain Confidence
Trustworthy, Credible, Engaging, Accountable

Pro-active & Enterprising
Dynamic, Forward Thinking, Addressing Risks & Opportunities

Broad Organizational Knowledge & Interest
An Eye for Processes, Ambiance and People, Experienced, Professional

Results Based & Fast Switching
Project-based, Flexible, Excellent Communicator


Brand, Design & Reputation Management

Change Management & Employer Branding

Organization Development

PR/Marketing, Sales & Communication Management

Event & Hospitality Management

Strategy & Business Development

Be-sign (Branding Design)

Project Management

Operational Management

International & National Branding
Marketing, Sales & Operations

Let’s Talk
Are you ready to move to the next level?

We very much look forward to brainstorming about your company challenges and how we can help you in achieving them. We look forward to setting up a meeting to discuss the details.

“Branding your business is about authenticity: if you embrace it, you can make it your own.”

Margreet van den Heuvel
Founder | Owner The Branding Boutique

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